Fin is a small, versatile vibrator worn between the fingers to add stimulating vibration to touch. Fin’s optional tether, dual sensations, and three speeds allow you to choose your own adventure! Seamless to wear and easy to remove, Fin is great for foreplay, sex, or solo use.

Select Color: Coral

$ 74.95


Water Resistant

3-Speed Motor

Medical Grade Silicone

Rechargeable via USB

'Easy' things:

Easy to Wear, Easy to Remove, Easy to Switch, Easy to Charge, Easy to Please


Fin’s tether is made of stretchy silicone, and fits a variety of hands and fingers. We tested Fin on all kinds of people, ring sizes 4-12.


Fin has a removable tether and a two-sided bulb: one side is flat and squishy, while the other side is pointier. You can hold it at the tips of your fingers, the base of your palm, or anywhere in between. You can also let the vibrations travel through your fingers by flipping Fin to the back of your hand.

How it works —

Get to know Fin

Smooth Operator

Fin is easy - to use. Quick to pick up and quick to drop, Fin moves in and out of the action with the stealth of a stagehand, so that you can star in the show.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Tether on. Tether off. Pointy side. Squishy side. At your fingertips or near the palm. Above or below the hand. You can change how you wear Fin to get the sensations and mobility you want. Fin works the way you work.

Turn Foreplay into Moreplay

For most people with vulvas, clitoral stimulation + intimacy is key to pleasure. Fin feels like a part of your hand, so it’s easy to use before, during or after sex.

User Vibes

“At this point I was massaging her clit with it while we had sex... I could feel the vibrations which were enjoyable and she came from the assist of it pretty quick.”

Male Tester — 30

“I enjoyed Finn as a solo toy. Wearing it near my palm, my fingers were able to stimulate my vaginal opening while Finn stimulated my clitoris.”

Female Tester — 40

“Fin gives the option of a vibrator without the irritation of a cord. Fin is the definition of a helping hand! More intense stimulation and pleasure without having to grip or hold something, or drop it and lose it for those precious minutes... Shape was fantastic as well — loved being able to wear it different ways.”

Female Tester — 42

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