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Recent Press

“Heaven really does exist — and it comes in the form of a newly created hands-free vibrator.”

“This hands-free vibrator could close the pleasure gap in the bedroom.”

“A couples’ vibrator like you’ve never seen before.”

User Vibes

“You can easily switch positions without having to untangle from cords or interrupt the action.”

— vulva owner, 44

“Revolutionary. It will help couples as much as it’s helped my sex life with my boyfriend.”

— vulva owner, 20

“Greater sextisfaction.”

— penis owner, age undisclosed

“I’ll tell anyone about this amazing little gem.”

— vulva owner, 56

“It brings joy and fun back into any position. I can even wear it while I’m pleasuring him and do two things at once!”

— vulva owner, 30

“It's just fun to use a toy that doesn't resemble a penis!”

— vulva owner, 20

“My Eva helped me have my first orgasm in conjunction with penetration, and it's AWESOME.”

— vulva owner, 26

“Such a wicked little toy.”

— penis owner, 32

“The ability to get off with my husband through penetrative sex without having to hold anything, multiple times is..... um..... freaking AMAZING.”

— vulva owner, 30