Engineering for Intimacy

Eva and Fin designed with couples in mind


Fin is a small, versatile vibrator worn between the fingers to add stimulating vibration to touch. Fin’s optional tether, dual sensations, and three speeds allow you to choose your own adventure! Seamless to wear and easy to remove, Fin is great for foreplay, sex, or solo use.

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Eva II

With flexible wings that tuck under the labia while Eva II sits on top, you can have clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. Eva II is smaller, lighter, and simple to use - plus, it's totally waterproof, and comes with a sleek charging base/travel case to boot.

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Compare Eva I & Eva II

Eva I

Eva II

Button Placement

Eva I’s button is front and center, while Eva II’s button sits right on top, for easier and more intuitive access.

Wings & Fit

Eva II has shorter wings and a slightly different profile, for better all-around fit.

Size & Weight

Eva II is 10% lighter and 18% smaller (volume-wise) than Eva I.

Get Wet

Eva II is fully waterproof (so, totally submersible), while Eva I is water *resistant* (it can handle a lil’ splash).

Good Vibes

Eva I and Eva II have the same three vibrating modes/levels, but Eva II’s got more rumble


A USB cable plugs right into Eva I’s body, while Eva II has a sleek wireless charging case to both charge and transport in

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“Eva is definitely a great helping hand.”

Elite Daily

“It solves the awkward ‘How do I use a vibrator and still have awesome intercourse?’ dilemma.”

Elite Daily

“We could actually make eye contact instead of constantly looking around to figure out what was where.”


Toys for sex designed by and for women

Our continuing mission: to design well-engineered sex toys, to heighten intimacy, and to openly empower the sexual experiences of womankind.