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How It Works


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Join the rewards program and get 50 points.


Earn Points

Earn points every time you shop.



Redeem points for exclusive discounts.

Ways to Earn Points

Refer a Friend

Give $15, Get $15

Refer a friend and you'll both get $15 off your next purchase of $50+.

Refer a Friend

Give $15, Get $15

Refer a friend and you'll both get $15 off your next purchase of $50+.

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Email Status

Vips Earn Even More.

Pleasure Seeker

Spend $0 - $149
or 0-2 referrals

1x Points multiplier

Pleasure Advocate

Spend $150 - $299
or 3-4 referrals

1.5x Points multiplier

Coupon or points on tier entry

Pleasure Personified

Spend $300+
or 5+ referrals

2x Points multiplier

Early access to new products

Coupon or points on tier entry

Free shipping

Redeem for Discounts

Redeeming your hard-earned points is easy! Simply apply a redemption discount during checkout!

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How do I participate?

Joining is easy! Just create an account. Once you're registered, you can start earning points!

What can I get for the points I've earned?

You can redeem your points for discounts in checkout.

Do I have to enroll or register in individual promotions?

Once you register for an account, you're all set – we don't require you to register for individual promotions in order to be eligible. Just fulfill the requirements of a promotion, and we'll post the points to your account immediately :)

How long will it take for points to post to my account?

You should receive points in your account instantly once you complete a promotion

Do my points expire?

Nope! Your points will never expire

What happens to my points if I make a return?

When you return an item, you lose the associated credit you originally earned by buying the item in the first place.

Sound kind of confusing? Let's take an example: let's say you had previously spent $50 towards a 'spend $100, earn 500 points' promotion, and you decide to buy a $20 item, which bumps you up to $70. If you decide to return that item, your progress would also go back down to $50 – it's just like you hadn't bought the item in the first place.