Staying in place with the help of two flexible wings which tuck under the labia, Eva is designed to stay out of the way during penetrative sex, giving you a boost of stimulation while leaving your hands free to move around and focus on intimacy.

Select Color: Aqua

$ 105


Water Resistant

3-Speed Motor

Medical Grade Silicone

Rechargeable via USB

'Free' things:

Hands-Free, Strap-Free, Harness-Free, Garment Free, Phthalate-Free


Eva nestles under your labia for a secure fit. The strength and flexibility of Eva’s wings mean it’s a comfortable fit for a wide variety of women.


Unlike vibrating penis rings, Eva is worn by the woman, giving her more control over the experience. It stays in place with the help of two flexible wings which tuck under the labia.

No hands, no hassle.

It’s no secret that using vibrators can enhance sex for women, but holding a toy in place can be distracting and even counterproductive. Unlike vibrating penis rings, Eva is worn by the woman, leaving your hands free to support your weight, move around, and focus on intimacy.

More control over your experience.

We designed Eva’s flexible wings to nestle under your labia for a secure, comfortable fit. Even in adventurous positions, Eva only needs the help of a single finger to stay secure.

Partners Optional

Eva is great for all kinds of play. Use it on your own, or any time you might want your hands free. However you want to enjoy Eva is the right way to use it!

Designed by women for women.

Dame Products was founded by smart women who recognize that people deserve more from their sex toys than low quality materials, confusing controls, and tacky marketing. Our development and testing process starts with users and incorporates sex science so we can make products that complement your sex life ‐ not complicate it.

User Vibes

“You can easily switch positions without having to untangle from cords or interrupt the action.”

— vulva owner, 44

“Revolutionary. It will help couples as much as it’s helped my sex life with my boyfriend.”

— vulva owner, 20

“Greater sextisfaction.”

— penis owner, age undisclosed

“I’ll tell anyone about this amazing little gem.”

— vulva owner, 56

“It brings joy and fun back into any position. I can even wear it while I’m pleasuring him and do two things at once!”

— vulva owner, 30

“It's just fun to use a toy that doesn't resemble a penis!”

— vulva owner, 20

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