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The Hands-Free

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Our couple’s vibrator Eva nestles in your labia for clitoral stimulation without any manual labor. And our stylish sex wedge Pillo lets you kick your feet up. Or hips. Or shoulders. Honestly, that’s your business. All we know is that this pampering pair will get you what you want, with minimal effort. 

What's Included

What's Included

Eva (Quartz) Hands-Free Vibe

Pillo (Indigo) Sex Pillow

US Only.

What's Included

What's Included

Eva (Quartz) Hands-Free Vibe

Pillo (Indigo) Sex Pillow

60 Day Returns + Discreet Shipping ?

In This Set

Eva in

Eva (Quartz)

A wearable couple's vibe for hands-free fun.

Medical Grade Silicone
3 Speeds
Charging Case
Pillo in

Pillo (Indigo)

A wedge that supports you in a variety of positions.

Water Resistant
Water-Resistant Liner
Cotton Cover
Grabbable Handle

What Customers Say About Eva

“In being sexually active for 7 years, I’ve only been able to orgasm during sex maybe twice… Let me tell you, ITS WORTH IT. I’ve had it for a week and every time me and my husband have had sex, I’ve been able to orgasm.”

– C. A.

What Customers Say About Pillo

“The angle definitely helped hit better spots and made certain positions more comfortable and enjoyable. The pillow itself is comfy, and is inconspicuous enough to keep anywhere.”

– Nicole

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