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A rectangular, white-and-blue 2mL packet of Alu lube on a beige background.
Three rectangular, blue-and-white 2mL packets of Alu lube on a beige background.

Alu 2mL Packet


Alu is an organic, aloe-based lube that’s free of glycerin, parabens, hormones, sugars, and worries. It’s formulated to match the vagina’s pH, and isn’t over-concentrated, for a gentle glide that helps, not harms. Use it care-free with condoms and toys, and during fertility fun.

US/Australia Only.

Also available in a 4oz bottle.

Organic aloe vera-based formula

Plant Based

Plant-derived, organic, and pH-matched to vaginas


Free of glycerin, parabens, hormones, or sugars

Safe for toys, conception, and most condoms

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Safe and silky

Alu is an aloe vera-based formula, which means it’s safe for toys and most condoms!

Never leave home without it

Convenient 2mL packets allow for grab-and-go lubrication, whether you’re visiting another country or a lover down the block.


Ingredients you can trust

Close up of an Aloe Vera leaf with juice visible

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Aloe Leaf Juice (natural moisture), Propanediol (natural solvent), Mushroom Extract (promotes blood flow), Gluconolactone (natural preservative), Sodium Hyaluronate (natural moisture), Quinoa Seed Extract (reduces inflammation), Hemp Seed Extract (reduces inflammation), Linseed Extract (natural moisture), Green Tea Extract (reduces inflammation), Oat Kernel Extract (natural moisture), Hydroxyethylcellulose (natural thickener), Xanthan Gum (natural stabilizer), Sodium Benzoate (natural moisture), Potassium Sorbate (natural preservative), Citric Acid (natural preservative)

“Awesome! I felt good that it was natural and that it didn’t have a bunch of unknown chemicals like a lot of other lubes. Definitely recommend!!”


“Better then any product that we have used in the last year. Think you did a terrific job with the development of this product.”


“This lube feels amazing, kept me so wet, and even facilitated me squirting.”


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