Pom™ (English)

Using Pom

Please fully charge your Pom before use. Pom has a button for power and patterns, and another for intensity.

Hold to turn on and off.

Press to cycle patterns.

You can change the intensity on any pattern in two ways:

Hold for steady intensity change.

Press for stepped intensity change.

Charging Pom

If the battery is low, the LED will blink red when the button is pressed. The LED may continue to blink when fully charged if plugged into a USB hub with other devices.

Travel Mode

Hold the power button for 10 seconds to activate Travel Mode - the LED will blink for those ten seconds and flash red at the end. In Travel Mode, Pom cannot be turned on accidentally. Plug Pom in to exit this mode.

Caring for Pom

Pom is waterproof. Always clean Pom after every use, using either soap and water or a water-based sex toy cleaner. Dry thoroughly. Store Pom separately from other toys, and away from extreme heat or cold.


Do not use silicone-based lube with Pom. Do not clean Pom with products containing alcohol, petroleum, or acetone. Do not boil, bake, or clean Pom in the dishwasher. Do not overbend: