Meet Pillo.

Because a little support makes a big difference.

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Objects make life easier. They prop us up, align our bodies, cradle us, support us, and contort us to help us do what we do. The right desk and chair are necessities for work, and a good yoga mat and block will bring your sun salutation to new heights. Now there’s an object bringing you comfort and support during intimacy.

Pillo enhances your playtime and blends beautifully into your environment. Its removable covers are easy to wash, and it does double duty when you’re reading or lounging. When a little lift, tilt, or bend can elevate your play, Pillo has your back.

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Supports Variety

Pillo is comfy-soft, yet structurally firm, allowing you to take familiar positions and elevate them, or turn your world upside-down. More libido, less lumbago.

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Pillo’s velvety outer shell and soft foam make it a fantastic pillow-pillow. Lean on it, sit on it, nap on it. It’s not just a lover — it’s a friend.

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With its washable outer shell and inner liner, Pillo cleans up great and blends right into your bedroom. It looks and feels just like a regular pillow — just with a bit of an edge.