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Anti-choice politicians are f*cking you. Now you get to f*ck them back. (And enjoy it while you do.) 100% of sales go to abortions rights funds to put the power back in your hands. And while you’re here, f*ck these politicians harder by registering to vote in the November midterms.



80% of Americans believe in the legal right to abortion

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Color: Periwinkle
Color: Quartz

Help America Get Unfcked By The Government.

On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and revoked the fundamental right to abortion, effectively stealing ownership of our bodies. Make no mistake, this decision will have devastating consequences for Americans. Maternal mortality rates could rise by 38%, more children will be born into poverty, and sexual activity will become less safe and less pleasurable for all those who have the ability to become pregnant. As the government is well-aware, these ramifications will disproportionately affect the already poor and marginalized. Our rights have regressed 130 years. Now is not the time to stop fighting.

They’re f*cking us. It’s time we f*ck them back.

100% of sales go to abortion rights funds to fight for reproductive freedom for every body.