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We began our mission to close the "pleasure gap."

Studies show a big pleasure gap in the bedroom. In one study, 91% of cis-men said they "usually" or "always" orgasm during sex, while only 39% of cis-women said the same.

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June 2014

Alex is making prototypes with quarters and rubber bands. Janet can do better. A duo is born.

September 2014

A 3D printed Eva is tested... and works. We’re onto something.

October 2014

Dame Products launches Eva on Indiegogo. (Later, Fin is the first-ever sex toy on Kickstarter.)

November 2014

Eva raises over $500,000 on Indiegogo, and this whole thing becomes very, very real.

February 2015

The very first batch of Evas ship off to new homes! Pleasure abound, vulvas everywhere rejoice.

And the rest is history.

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In 2014, Alex Fine (a credentialed sexologist) and Janet Lieberman (an established engineer and MIT alumna) joined forces to create the phenomenal sex toys we couldn’t find on the market.

As CEO & CTO of Dame Products, we develop an ever-growing line of beloved toys with the help of our in-house engineering team. We’ve also organized a community of testers called Dame Labs, launched a content arm called The Horizontal, held one very special conference, and much more.

Have a question, or want to share the love?

Give us a shout at heythere@dameproducts.com.

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