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Lipstick Vibrator

An ergonomic vibe giving you clit-enveloping or pinpointed stimulation. Powerful & waterproof, its five speeds provide lots of power in a travel-friendly package.

Medical Grade Silicone
5 Patterns + 5 Intensities

Color: Lavender



Less Quiet


Not intense




  • Medical Grade Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • 5 Intensity Levels
  • 5 Pattern Modes
  • 3.75” L x 1.5” W
  • Run time: 1.5 hrs at highest settings
  • Charge Time: 2 hrs
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Magnetic USB Rechargeable

Includes: Kip vibrator, magnetic USB charging cable, storage bag, and user manual

Medical Grade Silicone
5 Patterns + 5 Intensities
60 Day Returns + Discreet Shipping ?

Your new old friend.

Kip is designed to be familiar and simple, putting enhanced features and lots of power into a small, classic design.

Get a grip.

Kip’s prism-esque profile makes it easy to hold from many angles. Its rounded edges and soft silicone allow it to sit in your hand like an ergonomic pencil, so you can deliver vibration with pinpoint accuracy.

More to the point.

Kip’s tip delivers strong vibration exactly where you need it. Its cupped face can provide broad vibes to your whole vulva, while its bendy point flutters at higher speeds for precision pleasure.

Rounded edgesFlutter tipCupped face

The gift that keeps on giving!

“Don’t even try to take this away from me. I refuse to be parted with it. The best orgasms EVER come from using this. Five within 30mins the first time using this.”

- Alexandra W

Elegant, versatile design made to wake up your sexiness

“I liked that it "primed the engine", especially as my motor runs unpredictably in perimenopause. It was nice for solo use (getting the job done) and partner use (warming everything up for well-timed mutual completion)”

- Pamela

“The noise level is zero to none. I LOVE the different vibration patterns and intensities. My partner loves how we can use it together too. Love that the vibes can give targeted stimulation to the clit, and the pointed tip, edges, and cupped face all work great. ”

- Annalisa S.

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