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The Road Trip

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Two great friends on the go: Fin, our versatile finger vibrator, and Pom, that ole’ softie with a deep rumble. Traveling together in our convenient organizer pouch, Stash, they’re ready for anything, whether it’s foreplay or moreplay, solo or coupled.

What's Included

What's Included

Pom (Plum) Flexible Vibrator

Fin (Jade) Finger Vibrator

Stash (Sky) Sex Toy Pouch

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In This Set

Pom in

Pom (Plum)

A powerful, versatile vibe that flexes to your needs.

5 Patterns + 5 Intensities
Flexible Body
Medical Grade Silicone
Fin in

Fin (Jade)

Worn between fingers to add vibration to touch.

Water Resistant
Medical Grade Silicone
3 Speeds

Stash (Sky)

A washable pouch with inner pockets & outer style.

100% Cotton
Machine Washable
Pockets + Elastic Loops
Zippered Closure

What Customers Say About Pom

“What a lovely surprise - I'm elderly, and had pretty much lost interest in having this kind of good time with myself. Bought the Pom on a whim, and I'm very glad indeed.”

– Nancy H.

What Customers Say About Fin

“Fin is fun and the perfect size! It’s not clunky like some other vibrators. The three speeds are great. I haven’t really noticed the sound at all! Overall, I love Fin and would definitely recommend it! ”

– Shelby R.

What Customers Say About Stash

“I love the elastics on the sides to hold charging cords and the zipper pouch is good for lube packets and condoms and anything else you might want to tuck in there. Also, it's super discreet and visually really cute!”

– Parker M.

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