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The Slip n’ Vibe

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These basics aren’t “basic” at all! Zee is a rechargeable bullet vibrator offering three speeds in a travel-friendly package. Alu is an aloe-based lubricant that gives you the glide you need to enjoy yourself, with a handy lube koozie Grip to boot. It all comes together in our organizer pouch, to keep these essentials close at hand, at home or across the globe.

What's Included

  • 1x Lapis Zee
  • 1x Sky Stash
  • 1x Alu 4oz Bottle
  • 1x Guava Grip
US Only.

Zee Color: lapis

Stash Color: sky

Alu Color: 4oz bottle

Grip Color: guava

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What You Get

Splotch Group

Zee $30 value!

Bullet Vibrator

A versatile, simple bullet vibe with three speeds and a rechargeable battery. Pleasure is portable now.

Splotch Group 2

Stash $30 value!

Toy Pouch

Stash is a zippable pouch for keeping your sexy essentials close at hand. Its inner pockets and elastics keep your toys, cables, and condoms organized, while its stain-resistant liner ensures schmutz-free stowage when you’re on the go.

Splotch Group

Alu 4oz Bottle $18 value!

Aloe lube

Alu is an organic, aloe-based lube that’s free of glycerin, parabens, hormones, sugars, and worries. It’s formulated to match the vagina’s pH, and isn’t over-concentrated, for a gentle glide that helps, not harms. Use it care-free with condoms and toys, and during fertility fun.

Splotch Group 2

Grip $8 value!

Textured Sleeve

A textured silicone sleeve for your lube bottle, to ensure a slip-free experience during playtime. 

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