Staying in place with the help of two flexible wings which tuck under the labia, Eva is designed to stay out of the way during penetrative sex, giving you a boost of stimulation while leaving your hands free to move around and focus on intimacy.




Fin is worn between the fingers like a natural extension of your body. With a removable tether and dual sensations, Fin lets you choose your own adventure. You can wear Fin at the tips of your fingers, the base of your palm, or on the backside of your fingers, adding vibration to foreplay and sex without spoiling the mood.



Secondary Components

Spare Cable

$ 4.00

A USB cable for charging your Eva.

Spare Wall Adapter

$ 5.50

A wall-to-USB adapter for your Eva charger cable.

Spare Charging Set

$ 9.50

A spare adapter and cable set for charging your Eva.