Your November Sexoscopes

by Francesca Piazza, Resident Sextrologist

Things are heavy this November as we all allow old energy, let-downs, and baggage die away with the leaves. What no longer serves us for the better is more apparent than ever, and although this time is incredibly healing, it is hard. Talk about a boner killer. But is it? Scorpio season is all about crying one hour, and being horny another. Don’t be afraid to be “all over the place” emotionally, and you will heal AND get off. Shed, shed, and keep shedding all of the energetic debris left in your aura by letting it all out. Fake nothing, especially orgasms, and don’t let your feelings in the morning dictate your whole day.

Many people may be on edge during this time, struggling to process the healing forced upon them. Stay on your own path, and only surround yourself with those who have similar vibes. Otherwise, ride on alone — this crisp month is always very introverted for most. The new moon on the 7th highlights where we need to review a few boundary patterns in our relationships that came up at the end of September. The full moon on the 22-23rd in Gemini has everyone chatting, and why stop in the bedroom? See how dirty your talk can get, and clear out that throat chakra. Good luck, lol…

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Scorpio season is usually hard for you, but this year your outlook has shifted quite a bit. Reflect, and praise yourself for all the growth you made over the past 5 years. Although you are not quite where you’d like to be, you are going somewhere. This confidence will translate into the bedroom if you let it, especially around the new moon on the 7th when you are feeling extra kinky. On the 16th, Mars enters your 12th house calming down your sex life “IRL,” but your dreams are wetter than ever. Enjoy your subconscious orgasms and write down these fantasies when they do happen for future use. A spank bank, if you will. The end of the month is a bit tense thanks to the full moon and you just can’t seem to get a word in. If you find yourself annoyed with everyone, take a day to hide out and enjoy a toy or two. Get yourself off, and everything else will seem much more manageable. 

 Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

As some planets go forward, some are moving backwards, and so are you. Go with the flow this month, Taurus, and remember: HEALING IS NOT LINEAR. So many awakenings since the spring of this year, and during this transformative season you must recharge your batteries. Long baths, random 30 minute “sits” on benches in public parks, and masturbating should be your main focuses the first couple weeks of November. Process the "Ah ha!" moments, and discuss them with those you love. Being honest and letting yourself talk will clear up so much junk built up in your brain. Sexually, you aren’t much in the mood until the end of the month when the energy feels calmer to you. You go from too tense to “ready to party” this month, but who cares — it all balances out.


Gemini (May 21- June 20)

The first weeks of November has you feeling more introverted than ever, and if you connect with the usual characteristics of a Gemini, this is strange for you. Don’t fixate on it, and be yourself — whatever that looks like right now. If you are curious to try something new and different in the bedroom, go for it. Don’t overthink it (I know that is easier said then done). At least the planets are pointing out some insecurities to look further into and release. Ugh, astrology. As we approach the 20th and onward, your career becomes more of a focus, which should get your confidence going. The full moon in your sign has you feeling on top the 23rd and the days following it. Opt for positions where you are on top for astrologically-aligned orgasms. Kidding, that isn’t a thing, but why not make it a thing? Thanksgiving and the approaching holidays have you anxious. Put your foot down to any plans you don’t want to take part in. 

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Work is your main focus most of November, and the opportunities for growth are popping up left and right. Everybody else is super focused on personal life, but you are trucking away, hustling. It will pay off this winter. Romantically you are very satisfied this month. Whether that is being single or involved, you are happy with it. The 17th onward you are much more in the mood after a bit of a dry spell, and feeling 100 on the full moon on the 24th. Reflect on the beginning of the month at the end of the month to learn quite a bit about your needs mentally, physically and emotionally. It is when we are busiest that we can later reflect back and see where we have negative influences, and how to block them in the future. Take it all in, and enjoy the the monetary benefits of hard work. Why not treat yourself to a new toy or lingerie to get yourself even more in the mood?

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

You are one step ahead of everyone like usual this month, and ready to accept and embrace emotional healing. In fact, you are feeling really good as you let go. Don’t let anyone rain on your parade, you will be prone to making others jealous. Speak your sexual needs to your partner, if that's a department you have been avoiding addressing. They likely won’t get offended like you fear, and instead be excited to embrace some new ideas. Toss caution to the wind the last week of November and speak your mind loudly. Get loud in general, everywhere, with all emotions. Let it all out, others will follow. You could start a sexual revolution with these kinds of line-ups this month. Honesty leads to change, which leads to more healing and satisfaction.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

The planets have you going inward all month and deeply reflecting on the past. This will effect each Virgo differently, but one thing is for sure: you are overwhelmed. If you are feeling this, go easy on yourself, and do whatever you can to take a breather. Process the past, center yourself, and know that you will be in tune with yourself and at peace VERY SOON. As this finally passes and the light at the end of the tunnel is shining, you are back in the saddle. Vocalize your needs sexually, demand more where your partner may be doing the minimum and take the lead. Pushing yourself, even if you aren’t actually feeling confident, you will after. 

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

The rocky road has finally started to smooth itself out this month in your romantic life, Libra. So many changes, so many boundaries set, and now you are feeling more comfortable where you stand. Sex is balanced and equal, and becomes deeper as the month goes on. Cuffing season at it’s finest — kidding! But you are truly comfortable where, and with whom, you are going. Enjoy. The full moon and the days after feel even more like a breath of fresh air making you want to go even deeper with your partner. Go easy, pushing them too hard could end up plucking at your own insecurities. Meditate and masturbate instead.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Happy birthday, fellow Scorpios! This month you're rising from the ashes of the past you've been burning away. Letting go doesn’t happen easily, or at least regularly for you. However, when you're ready to move on, you do it fast. November is all about shaking things up, getting out of your comfort zone, and facing demons on head on. You are craving raw and intense sex, no holding back. If you sense any holding back, or worse, a speck of energy that isn’t genuine from your partner, you're out. That is okay, flow with what gets you off but remember you don’t need to break up forever because of your mood one day. Prevent going to extremes to get your needs met. Needs shift after the full moon when you start to desire more sensual sex, indulging more of your senses. Smell, taste, and see it all.  

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

The Scorpio energy has everyone getting serious and emotional and you are so over it this month. Where the party at? You have no interest in being super sad publicly, and a lot less baggage to shed unlike the other signs. Get yourself the new Pom by Dame, tickets to a show alone, and date yourself right now. After all, who is more fun to hang with than you? Everybody else gets a piece of the fun all year, so treat yourself to You Time. The Gemini full moon and last week of November get the attitudes around you adjusting, and sex is back on schedule. You are on fire, on top, and feeling this communication energy. Talk it out during sex, you’ll impress (and turn on) yourself. Such a nice “you” energy to this month as birthday season approaches at the end!

Capricorn (December 22- January 19)

You are comfortable during this uncomfortable season of Scorpio, as you can be dark and real too, Capricorn. Sex is hot this month, honest, and natural just like you prefer. You are being more honest with yourself too — which is really the most important part. As the full moon approaches and Venus dances further back before shooting forward, you feel less attached emotionally the last couple weeks. This is a nice break at work and romantically where maybe you have been getting too concerned with other peoples problems. Zone out for now, watch where your body takes you with this kind of energy — I promise it will be fun. 

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

With kinky Mars in your first house this month, you are an open book in the bedroom. You aren’t afraid of yourself, showing your partner your most honest side while you enjoy the intimacy it creates. Keep pushing yourself while experiencing this fearlessness, bring up changes you want in all areas of your life. If you confidently express your ideas, wants and desires, they will be fulfilled. The end of the month twists your mood and focus a bit, and certain friendships seem to be on the fritz. Avoid these friends pushing your buttons, especially if they are old friends. Focus on filling your schedule with new social connections and time for orgasms. These tiffs will seem small and pass in December, and your time can be better spent in the bedroom like the beginning of the month.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

So much talking and so much listening these first couple weeks of November, and friends are your main focus. All this reconnecting may bring up some old emotions, good and bad, that you have to “re-feel” now to let go. Enjoy the walks down memory lane nonetheless, while using this as an opportunity to reconnect to your more innocent sexual self. Shedding layers now will lead to feeling purified all winter. Why was there guilt lingering, anyways? The Gemini full moon around the 23rd has you craving deeper communication during sex, and before, with your partner. Talk them into it, talk them through it, get descriptive, your voice is like a love spell with this energy. The last days are restless, but honestly a couple extra breaks for quick orgasms will get you back down to earth. Water signs need this more than they think, and it truly shifts your whole energy when you're feeling blah.