Your May Sexoscopes


By Resident Sextrologist Francesca Piazza

This May is saturated with sensual and patient Taurus energy promising many long orgasms (maybe even multiple if you are diligent!). Finally, we are seeing exactly what is needed to complete goals and projects started last month, and the stress is starting to melt away with the snow. We are motivated, yet grounded and less restless. Alas, the longest winter ever is over, and the good vibes are rolling in. Boredom will be overridden by horniness. Mid-month, Uranus enters Taurus, along with the new moon, creating many new financial opportunities. Uranus only changes signs every 8 years or so, and the influence of this will be noticeable worldwide these upcoming months — particularly in regards to the economy. Although money may come in, it is likely to go right back out in the form of “treat yo self," but honestly, it should. Taurus energy is all about loving yourself to love others more. Dive into this and watch your sex life improve on so many levels. Embrace the release of old energy and emotional baggage from the past couple months and watch your body start to feel so much better. The month ends with a little drama as the full moon in Sagittarius has everybody ready to compete. We do so much better when we build each other up, avoid the temptation for petty tear downs — this weird vibe can be redirected toward spiritual exploration. 

Aries (March 21-April 19)

The first week or so of May you are feeling a bit scattered as many changes in all areas of your life finish up. Everything is falling into place, but isn't necessarily  in your control anymore, which throws you off. Flow with it, this month Uranus finally exits your sign after 8 years and sudden changes are wrapping up. From the 14th on you’ll be experiencing this great relief of less tension, and suddenly you'll be extremely horny. Pluto and Mars demand a union of emotion and physical passion — so embrace your darker side in the bedroom. You may even want to incorporate more components to your love dungeon. As an Aries, you are naturally a dominant personality in your relationships, but spend this month going big in every way. Take note of new kinks, and explore anything that sparks a fire inside you. The full moon the last days of the month have you craving drama. Pump the breaks and take a hike, literally. Like, if you can get outside for some serious exercise/beach sex, do it. Pass on the gossip train and avoid the tangled web! This month also has many elements focusing on your financial stability. Luck is on your side, but you have to play the cards right. Be wary of scams and sales that sound too good to be true. Ask the right questions and you could really lock down some long term investments. 


Taurus (April 20-May 20)

New year, new you! Happy birthday. With so many lovely planets dancing through your 9th house, along with others in your sign, you are ready to completely redefine yourself. Utilize this Plutonian energy to dig extra deep, and start from the inside out. Once your done sprucing up mentally, emotionally, and probably domestically (throw it all out!) go right for the wardrobe. Get sexy, get funky, stay on budget and don’t forget the season! I know you love jackets, but this winter is actually going to end. Expect your spring style to be copied and noted…not to put the pressure on. A little more skin showing and a little extra glow from mid-month on gets you all sorts of attention. Be on the receiving side if you are comfortable, as the planets want you to really feel all aspects of pleasure. Your season (and energy) is slow and patient, and bringing this energy into lovemaking will be exactly what you need to complete your transformation. Go slow, and do it again. And then maybe again. And remember your lover is the lucky one. The full moon and sun’s shift into Gemini the last days of May may have you speaking before thinking — even surprising yourself. Filter, and return to the slower vibe you were at before. It’s just other people’s energy impacting you! 


Gemini (May 21-June 20)

You are so ready, and so done with seasonal lack of motivation. Bursting with energy these first couple weeks of May , you should be focused on income and ditching a couple toxic people. You know who they are. Talking is going to turn you on more than touching right now so be sure to have privacy when planning dates. Talk about it all, talk about what you’ll do before you do it — it’s going to get interesting to say the least. Words stay hot mid-month, but keep it out of the workplace as jealousy directed at you has at least a couple people wanting you to mess up. This petty vibe will pass as people finally get laid, and a really fun travel opportunity could come up randomly. The sun shifts into your sign the last couple days of May and everybody wants a piece of you. Stay grounded, don’t forget any “homework,” and check in with your loved ones. A need to get something off your chest on the full moon could get you acting funky — just say it. You can re-explain again and again after, but breaking down the wall now has to happen! 


Cancer (June 21-July 22)

You are in-tune and loving the vibe this month, feeling incredibly romantic and sensual. Bring in the light and brighten up everything you can, from your home to your clothes. Although many relationships were shaken up recently, you are in full recovery mode and ready to let go of the past. If someone around you isn’t ready to let go, just give them time and space. Everyone is on a different wave length, but trying to help could just hold you back. Enjoy your recovery instead! Take no offense to lack of time with your lover, and use the time you do have to the fullest. Have everything you need to get in a weeks worth of sex in one night if necessary from mid-month on. Your schedule gets busier and busier but still, you'll get it done. At the end of the month, you main distraction is on the home front. Whether it's a nosey neighbor or a bad roommate, yet another change is on your mind. Keep it a secret for now, or until June after the full moon that should have you bursting at the seams and ready to scream. Don’t suppress it, but don’t word vomit either. Telling someone you can’t stand them will scare off more people than intended. 


Leo (July 23-August 22)

Beach body on your mind, yeah? You love yourself and that's a good thing! This month your focus shifts specifically to health and improvement. Slow and steady wins the race with this Taurus energy. Instead of going hard at the gym and extreme dieting, simply incorporate better habits slowly. Keep them, you are going to look and feel so good this summer. Which WILL be a HOT one for you, to lightly touch upon it. Mid-month, you’ll already be feeling those spin classes you took and wanting to get naked. Be proud and watch all that see your body be in awe. Physical energy stays high, along with confidence. Who knows how many people are going to fall in love with you right now!? Get back down to earth (and business) the 20th on, and wrap up loose ends at work. Avoiding calls or emails will bite you in the butt later, but demand extra motivation than usual to get done. The Sagittarius full moon in your native 5th house shines a light on romance, deepening a previously lighthearted relationship. Be open to all the connections becoming relationships, the planets are guiding you to some important soul connections. 


Virgo (August 23-September 22)

This is a spicy, hot month for you. little virgin. Pretty much all month, Mars in the 5th has you getting creative sexually, wanting to amp things up. You are also very open to listening to your body and heart more, to learn new kinks hidden. Uranus shifts into fellow earth sign Taurus mid-month, encouraging you to appreciate and love your career a little more. This is extra nice for you, because you love nothing more than feeling settled and rooted in your work. Stability leads to you being more flexible and open to travel adventures for upcoming weeks. The opportunities present themselves anyway, with thorough planning which you also love. From the 20th on, a possible promotion or raise may be given to you, but there is a 100% chance you will be feeling like a baller regardless. Go out, get crazy! It was hard for you to let loose for a little while this year. May is going to be one of the best months for you, financially and sexually, and there really isn’t a better combination for you, little earth dumpling. 


Libra (September 23-October 22)

Take your power back, peacefully, this month. A sudden strength and courage to demand your needs and boundaries overcomes you these first couple weeks. It is going to be amazing. Transformation is happening, and so many weights are going to lift off. Your views and values are shifting a bit more, too. The Taurus energy, your fellow Venus sign, encourages self love right now. Self pleasure goes with this, and avoiding others is ideal energetically right now, anyway. Soak in your own energy, and push away the vampires. You are going to feel reborn in June, and doing the “work” this month is fun. Spend solid time getting yourself off, and getting a spa treatment or two in between. The end of the month shines a light on your career and it’s impact on your happiness. There may be a couple easy tweaks to make your work much more enjoyable on the day-to-day. There may even be some opportunities to make money on the side doing what you love — research can’t hurt! Look back at the end of the month and reflect upon the people you really had to separate from in order to heal. You may have to keep distance for a little while longer.


Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

With powerful and passionate energies shifting through your communication zones, this month is all about connecting. Expressing plans, intentions, and interests leads to opportunities for the long term future. As consumed with the big picture as you are, be sure to come back down to earth at the end of the day. Mid-month, around the new moon, all sorts of planets shift into your 7th house of relationships. This will bring a breeze of fresh air through your romantic life and will release lingering tensions. Love becomes a distraction easily these days, as nothing is holding you back with your partner. Be sure to turn around and give some love to yourself in-between showering others. At the end of the month, money is on your mind. Everything should be ship shape, as long as there is a plan. Getting finances in order and off your mind opens up June for even more focus on friendships and deepening relationships. 


Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

This month starts off in the fast lane, with lots of physical energy to spare. As you bite off more and more, you’ll surprise everyone with how much you can get done in a short amount of time. The only time this energy should be slowed down is during pleasure. Don’t rush the good stuff! Mid-month, your time is demanding more of you within your community and projects, maybe even some form of spring cleaning. Do what you can but keep some free time before you start running on empty. Your body demands attention at the end of the month, towards the new moon in your sign. It's likely some muscles holding onto memories. Release old tension in any way your comfortable. All time and money spent on self care as May ends will pay off for awhile, but take note of your attitude. The planets want you to recognize how you view treating yourself on the regular. Maybe some improvements are needed? 


Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Your mind holds great power to project and attract this month. Keep your thoughts beautiful and positive, and watch the abundance flow in. Personal progress is also booming right now. Flow with all changes and listen to your physical desires. Mid-month, romance heats up and sexual connections deepen. You should also be enjoying all sorts of generosity from your lover — wine and dine, feeling extra fine. Love is in the air, and this pampering nourishes you. Sex inspires art, and other creative pursuits, which you are more and more comfortable expressing as the month ends. Bloom with the flowers, this seasonal shift is particularly beneficial to earth signs. Don’t hold back, get as innovative as you can. Build and expand your resources, build and expand your sex life. The planets are chauffeuring you along into pleasure town. 


Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

A big surrender to emotion is demanded as Uranus, your ruler, makes it’s first move in 8 years. Intuition will be strong, and your heart can be trusted. Feel it all, and let it out now. Your partner will be patient and understanding. After cleaning house out energetically and emotionally, focus shifts mid-month to craving space. The desire to get away and adventure on your own could really be just what you need to finish wrapping up this cleansing period. Avoid anybody demanding more, and explain why you may not be in the mood to your partner to avoid hurt feelings. Your libido comes back strong as the month ends as Venus moves favorably for you. Body love is back and you are digging what you see in the mirror. Enjoying pleasure and taking time for it is easier, finally, and the desire to hurry goes away. Hold onto this vibe for as long as possible, because work picks up fast in June! Be wary of your diet throughout May and how certain food affect you, your body is responding very clearly. 


Pisces (February 19-March 20)

The planets offer all sorts of courage to you this month, Pisces. You’ll be feeling like more of a leader than ever, and extroverted about your needs. Surprise your partner with loud and clear demands, they’ll be so into it. Your confidence will attract many people in power positions this month also. Weed out the superficial ones, talk more to those that strike you as genuine. You’ll be able to tell who's all talk! As the full moon approaches at the end of the month, your mind wanders to some interesting places during sex. Explore your subconscious more though meditation and dreams — a little digging could lead to a new turn on. There is also a very good chance that whomever it is you are attracted to right now shares many, many, turn-ons with you. Opening up to each other doesn’t have to take forever, and the full moon presents ice breakers. 

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