5 Powerful Self-Love Mantras to Say

By Sara Shah


What is a Mantra?

Mantra is a Sanskrit word meaning “mind vehicle” or “instrument of thought.”  A mantra is a sacred word, sound or phrase that can be said in repetition during meditation or in our daily lives. Speaking a mantra can help you focus on positive intentions and put aside negativity. You can choose one mantra, or a couple of mantras that resonate with you.

How do Mantras benefit us?

By chanting our mantra, we create a fully body vibration as we say the words out loud. This movement of energy through us rhythmically repeating the words actually enhances positive brain waves, increases endorphins, and blocks stress in the body. When we find ourselves in difficult spots or in negative thought patterns we can come back to our mantras, and bring the positivity of the affirmations we have chosen for ourselves to the forefront of our minds.

How do I choose a Mantra?

Don’t overthink it — finding the right mantra is a matter of finding what feels right. Here are some we like, but feel free to do some more research.

  1. I am worthy of love

  2. I am beautiful, I am love, I am abundance

  3. I accept and love myself as I am

  4. I can choose how I want to feel and today I choose happiness and love

  5. All that I seek is already within me, I do not have to seek it outside of myself

Try a couple out and see which mantra feels the most beneficial to you. The key is to choose one or two mantras at a time and focus all your energy on them during meditation. After a few months, another mantra may feel better to you, and it may be time to switch it up. Your heart will know what you need to hear. Be honest with yourself. Love yourself. 

When should I say my Mantra?

Ideally your mantra should be said during meditation. By chanting the mantra during meditation you are choosing something to focus your meditation practice on. The practice connects brain and body, and positive affirmation begins to color our daily lives. Whenever we feel ourselves coming back into negative thought patterns, we can take a moment to repeat our mantra a few times to ourselves. If you’ve been saying your mantra long enough in meditation, your brain will associate the repetition of the words with the positive energy you have created in your body in association with the mantra during meditation.